Which Cutting Boards Are The Best?

which cutting boards are the best

You may wonder which cutting boards are the best for use with your kitchen. The resource which we frequently use is a cutting board. It gives the preparation of a standard, solid surface while preventing counters and plates from getting damaged. This even fills in as a decent trivet when taking care of hot pots and dishes (or even when you’re short on time while working as a platter). They vary in size from big enough to carve a turkey to small enough to decorate a lime, come in resources such as wood, plastic, or glass, and can be three-inch hard-duty to barely an mm thick.

Which Cutting Boards Are The Best According To Its Type?

In our evaluation process, we find that cheap wooden cutting boards are on the counter level and are waiting, regardless of whether they have worked in grasps or require a wet towel to be put below (a helpful technique learned in culinary school). It’s easy to clean, and after a while, it doesn’t hold on to smell or twist. We have not tried any glass cutting boards, as we love our knives to the extreme (glass quickly dulls the sharp edge).

Which cutting board is best, wood or plastic? 

When you purchase only one cutting board in any way, use plastic. Plastic is increasingly flexible as it is acceptable to use cheap wooden cutting boards are for both raw meat and fresh vegetables once washed properly, making them challenging to perfect satisfactorily. Cross-contamination with meat microorganisms may cause infectious diseases.

Which are the best cutting boards for chicken? 

The best cutting boards for chicken is plastic, with a well to gather juices. Plastic boards can be washed all the more proficiently and the way cheap wooden cutting boards do not hold juices. They can also be put in the dishwasher for a warm, high-heat wash. Also, some cutting boards, similar to our choice for which cutting boards are the best for chopping, are provided by the National Sanitation Foundation, meaning that they are made using a high-thickness poly (plastic), which makes them non-permeable and non-absorbent.

1. OXO Good Grips 2 Piece Cutting Board Set

OXO cutting boards have long been our only preference. We love how they hold onto the surface and can be used in a range of foods, from chicken to fresh vegetables. They’re quick to push easily, cleaning quickly, particularly when they can be thrown into the dishwasher. They are purchased separately or in a package, with one large size-sized board and one smaller board for preparation.

A plastic cutting board’s most considerable leeway is the freedom to pop it after use in the dishwasher (cheap wooden cutting boards crack and crumble with the use of a dishwasher). One side of this OXO cutting board has grooves to retain fluids across the edges before running on your surface, in addition to maintaining rubber holds with the intention that the board does not slip around on your kitchen table. There are no grooves on the opposite side of the cutting board, so it can be used to cleave — a flexible load up is useful in case you get ready meat and vegetables and want to maintain a strategic distance from cross-defilement.

The cutting board is made of stainless steel, which does not hold odors and also protects against the types of significant cuts that appear while using a sharp knife. The OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board does whatever you like, without much hassle. It avoids deep cuts and is suitable for incredibly-simple washing with a dishwasher.

One side of the board is entirely smooth, suitable for slicing or cutting small food items and then scraping them into a pan or jar. The other hand has a groove across the surface of the liquid that can hold droppings when cutting potatoes or other juicy items. The groove is not thick, so if your roasted doesn’t rest long; however, you can always keep on top, but it’s almost enough all of the time.


  • One side of this is for juicy foods
  • Tiny feet stay it somewhat raised
  • Dishwasher protected


  • The juice groove is superficial

2. John Boos WAL-R03 Walnut Wood Edge Cutting Board

The John Roos cutting board is extensive, and you aren’t going to feel like it’s slipping around on your ledge, although it’s not overwhelming or lumbering. It is one of the best cutting boards for chicken. Produced using wood, this appealing slicing board is good enough to be used to serve cheeses and meats, while it is a workhorse in the kitchen on the other side. As its reversal, if you re looking for a clean cutting surface, you can turn it over to use another hand. 

This cutting board holds a 1-year guarantee. Because it’s one of the cheap wooden cutting boards, keeping it in good shape takes a bit of extra care. This shouldn’t be kept out in the kitchen sink, wet or dried, and it must be thoroughly rinsed before you use it. 

With NO juice groove and NO feet, the cleaning job has become simpler and takes less effort. Additionally, both sides have hand grips to provide more comfortable positioning. According to this, now that you can push all the newly-sliced ribeye from this to the plate more comfortably with ease.

While this design is not connected at its base with four paws, the medium density is exchangeable major bonuses to support you finish your kitchen work properly. Its sizes of 20 “x 15” x 1.5 “are just right for working on a large variety of objects. This product is one of my favorite products, ready to use on any occasion. One of the best chopping board anyone can use easily. It is easy to maintain, easy to clean, easy to work with. It helps to protect, not slippery, also high in the quality you will love this product.

One thing to remember is to purchase the advanced Boos cream and oil for optimal safety and kept the item in good condition.


• Produce durable American Black Walnut Wood
• Give 1-year protection against damages 
• Could use both sides reversed
• Made accessible in different varieties  


• Should be used with hand wash and held in a safe position

3. Bamboo Cutting Board 

Good value is every individual’s final goal out there. You need the good (or higher) you can get for the extra dollars you spend. As far as the Bamboo Cutting Boards are concerned, Royal Craft Wood Industrial sized Organic Bamboo Cutting Board will be your preferred choice always to get the quality and value. The best-selling brand was released some time Ago Royal Craft Wood EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board, and even now, the revenue numbers speak. Getting these great features, all of this is packaged at a price that might look high to a few and is quite really good when you consider its qualities. Our choice is the Royal Craft Wood EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board would be the best cutting boards for chicken. 

This is a bamboo cutting board of the highest quality that promises top-notch support just as predicted. The cutting board is full in scale, which means it is suggested for all of your slicing activities. You will use it to slice, cut, and dice all prepackaged meals. The board is simple to manage with the side handles and yet is suitable for cooking.

Furthermore, it also includes a designed-drip groove that will retain the liquid for easier dispose of any food you chopped. Because it is constructed of 100 percent antifungal and antioxidant wooden stuff, it ensures long-lasting service, including protection. Due to the extremely compact size, it is easy to wash and place.


  • simple to manage
  • It is very secure
  • Long-lasting


  • May have a horrible smell

4. Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

It is the perfect bamboo cutting board made from natural bamboo, without any textures, scratch or fungicides. It’ll work its way quickly into the kitchen equipment that you use. It includes an attractive style, ideal for serving cooked meats without making a mess. You can notice the dripping groove that eliminates dampness and its lovely knives as your knives will keep their intensity forever. These are easily maintained and clean with just the warm water.

This entirely satisfying and clearly one of the best cutting boards for vegetables is made from organic bamboo, with no scratches, chemicals, toxins, or stains. The best cutting boards for vegetables with Groove even acts as an appealing platter for eating. It contains a groove that absorbs the water of any chopped or prepared fruits or veggies. It is a modest 18 by 12 inches and is the grain of high surface standard. Bamboo boards like these only the most powerful of knives can’t afford to lose the tip. Bamboo is a safe and cheap option for wood. It is considerably powerful than hardwoods and much more reliable on the ecosystem. Hand washes only with hot water and a microfiber towel. 

If you are looking for reliability at a reasonable cost, then all your slicing and cooking requirements will be fulfilled by this 3-piece kit. For many reasons such as slicing chicken, slicing veggies, or even preparing appetizers, the shapes and sizes are great. 

The products are 100% natural and have no fertilizers and no additives. The bamboo is one of the cheap wooden cutting boards if you choose to go environmental and fight climate change further. Bamboo is reliable and high quality, making the board very sturdy. Bamboo has strong beneficial properties, and thus the board does not work in your kitchen as a shelter for microbes.


  • Looks suitable for any occasion.
  • Easy to use


  • · Not work as a shelter for microbes.

5. Totally Bamboo 3-Piece Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board Set

These elegant bamboo cutting boards arrive in three varieties, so you will probably still have one in the size that you like. (Or, if you’re preparing on a heavy or variety of foods, you can have many cutting boards with various ingredients ready simultaneously.) Because the boards are small, preparation is simple.

All three boards are interchangeable, as you can utilize each side to prevent cross-contamination among meat and vegetable items, or turn around. You’ll choose to stop absorbing them throughout the washing process as with a wooden cutting board. Apart from a plastic cutting board, wood — or in this situation, grass — cutting boards take a little more protection among usage, and if they are washed improperly, they will break.

Bamboo, like oak, walnut, and cherry wood, is thick and hard to keep out water and liquids. It makes the perfect cutting board stuff since it is durable and can be thoroughly washed. It needs little care if it is permitted to dry completely after cleaning, whereas oiling bamboo every too often helps avoid it from breaking.

For years this 3-piece collection has been in our kitchens. The lighter weight is perfect for fast breakfast and lunch-work, whereas the bigger one is ideal for more significant activities. In our experiments, we noticed that when a wet paper bag was put under them, the boards looked stable and did not move. We also enjoyed the usability of the different designs and designed-in handles. The boards often deformed, however quickly reorganized after cleaning and proper dryness.

The Totally Bamboo boards are a great asset at any house, and they stand up to chopping up easily. One important thing to remember is that these boards aren’t big, and the cutouts of the handles limit the available slicing area, simply means they aren’t going to be very helpful when, perhaps, slicing a whole fish. All this stated, they’re perfect for dishes that involve garlic or a few potatoes daily.


  • Bamboo grain is attractive
  • Simple to cook
  • Easy hold cutouts


  • Should be pre-seasoned
  • Should be hand washed
  • Do not have a considerable size

6. Chop2Pot Foldable Plastic Cutting Board

Cute, small items have always seemed too close for comfort, but that foldable cutting board wins hands down. This lies straight for slicing; then, the sides fold up so that without overflowing, you can move your meal into the bowl. Ideal for simple kitchen work or bulk chopping. In our experiments, it shifted around a little, yet we enjoyed the contoured slicing layer and its revolutionary layout. This has also been really easier to wash and is suitable for the kitchen sink. 

Chop2Pot Plus is a flipping cutting board designed by Joseph Joseph. Set flat, this offers a permanent, knife-friendly chopping board for all meal handling types. Yet when the cover is pressed, the board’s side’s fold up, making a comfortable chute down, which can be driven conveniently by the sliced meat or waste. The new iteration of the model still utilizes the same established ‘living-hinge’ innovation to accomplish its evolution. Yet, it includes a layered slicing base, convenient smooth-grip handles, and non-slip hands. Accessible in 3 sizes and different colors. Secure Dishwasher.

This cutting board is actually incredible! It’s a little bigger than I planned; it’s just how I like it. The part I really like about it is that if you need it to keep flat and it folds quickly when you want it to. I used many folding chopping boards, and when you start chopping/ slicing them, they never seem to remain flat. This chopping board is very good in price and extremely easy to use.


  • Easy to prepare food
  • Foldable
  • Available in different sizes and colors


  • · It does scratch very easily

7. Greener Chef Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board 

If you’ve wondered what you can do to adopt a more flexible way to your life and lifestyle, you could continue by exploring equipping your kitchen with bamboo items rather than traditional wooden products. You will appreciate it for an extended period of time with daily ventilation, and proper cleaning and your kitchen experiences are going to be more enjoyable than ever.

This bamboo cutting board is one of the best cutting boards for vegetables and is environmentally friendly since bamboo has a higher rate of regeneration than wood. The product also has antiviral and analgesic effects, allowing you to prepare securely for your whole family, without increasing the chances of cross-contamination of your cooking.

In addition to taking care of the meals of your family, this Greener Chef Extra Large model also preserves the blades of your knives, since it is far less rough than most wood products and styles. It is one of the cheap wooden cutting boards, making it an outstanding chopping utensil not only for fruits and veggies but also for toast and meat.

This cutting board of high quality has a complete warranty for the most common problems that can happen in wooden utensils such as splintering, splitting, or separation. Most of all, it fits with a lifetime warranty from the supplier; thus, at any special event, you can be assured that it can survive your heavy-duty cooking.

Not be the same as the Greener Chef brand for an organic cutting board produced from bamboo and authorized by the FDA. The 18 x 12.5-inch length of the additional-large cutting surface. Greener Chef has a guarantee for repairing cracked if it ever occurs. The antimicrobial effects make the board secure to use, and the texture is non-slip material. The bamboo woods are sturdy, but they don’t turn your knives sharp fast. The two-tone style will look incredible in your home, and will also make a perfect serving tray for your party functions.


  • Enjoyable to look at with the two-tone style
  • You can use it for slicing, chopping, and serving
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Easy to wash


  • Has no handles 

8. Oxo Good Grips Utility Cutting Board

The components used to produce this alternate OXO Good Grips address two of the most popular questions individuals have about chopping boards. The non-porous polypropylene means the base is sufficiently strong to withstand chopping and slicing without causing bacteria to permeate and then hold it in its surface.

Around the same period, the surface is odor-resistant, giving you a lot of versatility in terms of what you can slice on it, whether it’s veggies or fish.

What helps this product a lot is its dual-sided nature; whenever cooking, you no longer have to switch among separate chopping boards. Then, what you have to do is turn it on the other side, and you’ve got a brand new board with no cross-contamination problems.

This OXO Good Grips design, which is very durable in the kitchen, is also built to withstand deep scratching and is protected on your knives, ensuring they can remain sharp for more extended periods. 

Like wood, plastic doesn’t need any extra care process in terms of safety. With every use, all you have to do is clean it properly, whether by hand or in the kitchen sink.

When you rush around in the kitchen like a crazy person (or maybe a madwoman?), there’s nothing worse than a chopping surface that falls onto the kitchen counter. This might not only be very annoying, but it may also be harmful. 

A chopping surface that moves suddenly while using sharp knives will cause the users to cut their hands. 

What’s the alternative, then?

The OXO Good Grips Utility is one of the best cutting boards for vegetables built to always remain securely in place. The small nub feet which are made to hold the chopping board elevated off the countertop accomplish this. The grooved edges capture juice, thus ensuring a quick grip for users.


  • It features non-slip hand grips.
  • Easy to wash and secure to spray.
  • Cheap wood cutting boards • Features flat as well as grooved hands.
  • The coating comes with a very sturdy finish.
  • Hold small nub feet off the countertop.
  • Secure washer.


  • Not a uniquely beautiful style.

9. Commercial Plastic Cutting Board

This is one of the cheap wooden cutting boards per the title, which is mainly for professional use. The supplier is Thirteen Chefs, who develop cooking equipment for the cooks and skilled in the restaurant work. Their brands are perfect for residential use, as well. They also produce small kitchen tables and utensils, in terms of cutting boards.

Thirteen Chefs deliver industrial high-duty chopping boards built for everyday use in most challenging work. It is easiest to chop, slice, carve, and other jobs without having to think about wear and tear. .With its strong-quality and robust polypropylene material, which is delicate on the knives, it is perfect for both professional chefs and reasonable use, and it really makes cleaning and preparation work easy.

Simply ensure your chopping board is washed before using it for the cooking. Carefully wash your chopping surface with soft, warm water, then clean it with water and either dry air or dry with a soft cloth. Ensure the chopping surface is washed after- before continuing to the next phase when preparing food plastic, glass, non-porous acrylic, and polyethylene chopping surface may be washed in a kitchen sink. 

This Member’s Mark brand also has a flexible slicing surface built of robust and heavy-density polyethylene like many industrial chopping boards. The Member’s Mark Professional Chopping board protects the knives from being rusty and, unlike other conventional or customized wood chopping boards, it is suitable for professional kitchen sink and freezer.


• Can be used with high temperatures 
• Several colors and styles from which to choose
• Temperatures tolerant and warp tolerant


• It might be too big to fit in a daily domestic kitchen sink 
• Not even suit for a smaller kitchen countertop


10. Venfon Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

Venfon has no platform to use or talk about. A browse by Google can only take you to external websites with their specified items up for sale. Given the mystery of Venfon, this is why this chopping surface is the real deal. It has many exclusive aspects; you won’t be found on your daily slicing surface. About some other various pieces, Venfon also offers some specific bamboo chopping boards. 

This giant and stylish bamboo is also one of the cheap wood cutting boards, which is obviously nontoxic and antiviral, as well as free from BPA. This extra-large chopping board gives you flexibility in the planning of your meals, whereas the elegant bamboo also lets this chopping board look fantastic as a serving tray.

Made-in compartments enable you to hold your sliced produce whereas continuing to cut without dirtying extra plates, whereas juice grooves stop the juice from slipping off the board and onto your cutting board. This board’s gentle bamboo nature won’t hurt your knives, even after extensive usage.


• The stunning bamboo board looks fantastic as a serving tray as well as a chopping board
• Handy designed-in pockets for chopped stuff 


• Can’t put in a sink 
• Bamboo will be shredded after extensive usage

11. Sonder Los Angeles Acacia Wood Cutting Board

Sonder Los Angeles acacia wood cutting board is one of the best cutting boards for vegetables made of environmentally-friendly acacia wood that has been produced in 100 percent protected plantations (licensed by the Forest Stewardship Council).

Acacia chopping board Sonder Los Angeles is 16 inches wide and 12 inches tall. Wise in width, it is quite thick – 1.5 inches, although most chopping surfaces are just below 1 inch. Over width makes the surface more reliable, but it is more challenging to store on the other side. And the surface is sturdy! It’s well-made, very long-lasting, and will last several years.

Sonder Los Angeles acacia is one of the very cheap wooden cutting boards is two-sided. In essence, one side is used for cooking and slicing groove food to gather liquids (and it’s pretty deep, so it holds quite a considerable amount!), another side has containers, and it can be used to serve. It even has internal handles on the edges that are strong enough to have a decent grip that’s a great feature if you’re going to use it to help as the surface has some mass as it’s extensive and quite large (but it’s not too weighty in a way that will bring some hassle).

It’s also fantastic – one of the most exquisite chopping boards isn’t quite the masterpiece, yet it definitely looks much better than generic brands. When time passes on, the part or parts you slice on can get a little thinner, although, with a bit of mineral oil, you can quickly fix it.

Overall this chopping surface is very durable and well designed. It’s not among the lowest cost boards. Still, affordable cost it’s very excellently-designed, good-quality, and heavy maintenance, so it’s going to go on for several coming years, making it a perfect cash value.


  • Multipurpose cutting board 
  • Beautiful presentation
  • Has side handles
  • Ecofriendly


  • · Packaging issue 

 12. Virginia Boys Kitchens Wood Cutting Board

Virginia Boys Kitchens wood chopping surface is the design of wood dried from a kiln. It’s not sanded properly-it has rough edges and grooves, it looks like it could hand you a splinter. It is 17 “width and 11” tall. It is developed in the United States.

Virginia Boys Kitchens wood chopping board is delivered in raw under-seasoned condition, and the supplier recommends applying seasoning oil or finishing wax to your taste. Still, it does not hold the oil long.

Virginia Boys Kitchens slicing board production value doesn’t suit the size. Much easier slicing surfaces can be found, which are 2-3 times cheaper. Knives are fresh and do not dull them. It has four anti-slip pads that stop slipping across the board. Seamless floor. All surfaces have grooves to absorb liquid yet not very wide so that they won’t catch too much.

If your chopping surface needs concern both type look and feature, this elegant and appealing chopping board might be flawless for you. This surface’s rich chocolate color looks beautiful in your kitchen, whether it’s used to slice, represent, or hang up in storage on your wall.


  • Narrow shape and hole in the handle make holding space simple 
  • Gentle porous wood will be simple on your knives 


  • Must not be used with raw meats because of porous condition 
  • Needs daily sanding and oiling to appear at its finest.

Wood Cutting Boards vs. Plastic Cutting Boards

The plastic chopping boards have many benefits, the major one being size. Plastic cutting boards, like this three-pack of various sizes from Farberware US $10, can be bought for a few $ only. Excellent wood cutting boards will charge as much as US $70 or even more, such as this Natural Acacia Wood Chopping board the US $70.

Often, plastic chopping boards are non-porous; therefore, bacteria remain on top of the board rather than being soaked into the surface. And in the little grooves and scratches created by knives, microbes also find a place to breed. Thankfully, chopping boards made of plastic are competent enough to clean. Simply place them in a dishwasher or warm water to wash by hand. Scrubbing them clean with a dish cleaner US $8 is also a smart idea.

If you’re anxious regarding bacteria and don’t want to get out of your plastic chopping surface, use them just to cut veggies and use organic food wood cutting boards. Always remember that if you start getting tired out on your plastic chopping boards, you definitely need new ones.

Given the fact that wood is flexible, the chopping boards are easier to use than plastic. The wood surface consumes microbes, yet it will push it down to the wood’s bottom layers and pass away, rather than remain on the board and divide. However, it takes some experience and effort to repair and maintain and clean the wood cutting boards.


How to Clean a Wood Cutting Board

Whereas the dishwasher is perfect for most items in your kitchen to be washed and sanitized, you can never place a wood cutting board inside the dishwasher. It is the reason water will cause cracking and warped on the surface. Those small holes end up being microbial breeding grounds and cause severe foodborne disease.


Cleaning Wood Cutting Boards With Dish Soap

Fortunately, it is relatively easier to wash a wood cutting board by hand. When all you have is warm water (switch the faucet all the way up!), dish cleaner, and a sponge or towel. Wash off the surface with warm water, then add soap. Whether you like, you can use standard washing up liquid or antiviral platter cleaner. Then wriggle free! If you find any knife cuts, stains, or defects in the wood, make sure to have an extra hard cleaning for those areas. 

Ensure sure all parts of the board are appropriately washed and scrubbed. Even if you’ve just sliced on one side — don’t forget that meat juices will spill on and contaminate the other. Eventually, make sure you wash every hand carefully with warm water. Then wipe a soft cloth or a kitchen towel off the surface. With an upright position, you can leak dry too.


Cleaning Wood Cutting Boards With Bleach

If you used your chopping board to slice chicken or vegetables and you want to be entirely sure that all the germs are gone, apply one tablespoon of bleach to a gallon of water, letting your board rest for a few moments in a cure. Then wash it off and dry it.


Cleaning Wood Cutting Boards With Vinegar

Unless you choose using a toxin-free item, blend one side of the white vinegar into four sides of the water. Hydrogen peroxide will also operate if you don’t have vinegar on hand) and cover your chopping surface in the mixture for a few minutes. Then soak and wash off.

No matter what you soaked your chopping surface in, it is essential not to soak it for more than a few moments in order to prevent the board from being warped or broken.


Cleaning a Wood Cutting Board With Lemon and Salt

Providing your chopping boards with lemon and salt a good scrubbing every week is a perfect way of helping them hold. Next, sprinkle with coarse salt on the surface, for example, sea salt or even kosher salt. Take a lemon, and break it halfway. Scrub the salt with the fleshy hand down on either part of the chopping surface, using the lemon. Let the salt and lemon mixture sit for about 5 minutes. Eventually, with a brush, scrub, and dry wash off the surface.

Final Words

The chopping boards are suitable for use in any kitchen when slicing all of your ingredients. They can be used for a wide variety of work like chopping, cutting, and dicing ingredients such as vegetables, chickens, toast, and fruit. Secondly, because they are obviously pro-microbial and disease resistant, they are also protected from this. Because of this, they’ll be perfect for chopping all your stuff. These are produced in various sizes so consumers can find the best size to match their kitchen. The cutting boards are additionally easier to wash and preserve. 

You have to Google stuff like volume, product, reliability, protection, style, amount of boards, and cost, just to name a few.

Last but not least, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We aim to provide you – our precious visitor– with the details that you want and are looking for. This article, which cutting boards are the best reviews to let you understand how to get the most from the items. This definitely allows you the utmost confidence to press “Shop Now” without any doubt.

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