What Cleaning Products Are Safe To Use On Marble?

Marble tile, polished and long-lasting, gives a durable option in contrast to tile, ceramic, wood, and covered floors. Despite that, similar to all common stone, you should clean marble cautiously and usually to avoid yellowing and erosion with an important question keeping in mind “What cleaning products are safe to use on marble“.

If you’ve moved into a home with an old messy marble floor, you don’t need to rip up the tile and start all over again. Deep cleaning and polishing can help you to bring back the sparkle, and you can get rid of extreme stains with a poultice.

Marble floors look extraordinary when they are new and sparkling; however, you should deal with them, or they will lose their glossiness. 

Marble is a very sensitive rock when it comes to contact with some acidic substances like soda, wine, or fruit juices to name a few. The reason lies in its porous structure. The experts strongly advise to immediately wash out any spills on the marble. If you will show laziness, it will turn into a permanent stain on your marble worktop, which will destroy the whole look.

In spite of what a great many people say, marble floors are not so difficult to keep spotless and beautiful. You need to shield them from marble scratching and pursue a couple of fundamental strides all the time, and you will have delightful marble floors for a lifetime. Now’s let’s move to our main topic What cleaning products are safe to use on marble.

Given below are the 10  best marble floor cleaning products you can use to make your marble floor look new as freshly formed.


Bona Stone, Tile, Marble & Laminate Floor Cleaner


what cleaning products are safe to use on marble

Bona’s product to clean marble has, for some time, been viewed as extraordinary compared to another claim to fame Marble floor cleaner products available, and it’s not hard to perceive any reason why. The Bona Stone, Tile, and Laminate Marble floor cleaner is a versatile product planned for non-wax fixed flooring frameworks like ceramic, natural stone, terrazzo, and marble. It’s produced using a water-based solution, so you don’t need to wash it after you’ve showered and wiped up. It leaves a noticeable sheen yet doesn’t make floors dangerous. After you’ve showered, primarily utilize a delicate cloth or fiber fabric mop to wipe up (ensure its spotless first). 

Customers state Bona cleans effectively, and without streaks (a typical worry among contending product). Also, at such a low-value point, it’s reasonable enough that you can remain completely loaded consistently.

  • Very low VOC emissions
  • Dries fast, residue-free safe for people, pets and the planet
  • Works great on vinyl planking floor
  • Budget-friendly
  • Works great on marble and laminate floor
  • No residue left on the floor after using it
  • Nil

MB Stone Care’s Spray Cleaner

best cleaning products for use on marble

This marble floor cleaning product is produced by MB Stone Care, who has been in the marble business since 1989. The organization has a fantastic history in the marble business with marble establishment and reclamation. Their originator was celebrated for “Training Before Sale” to guarantee that his clients realize how to treat and think about marble before purchasing any of his products or services. The organization now additionally makes more than 30 Marble care particular products. 

This product was picked to be gained and tried as a result of the organization’s history and reputation in the marble care business. This product likewise is prescribed by a few outsider sites from the US, Europe, and Australia.

  • Very simple to use
  • No strong odors
  • Safe and effective to use
  • Works great on stainless steel and glass
  • Just a bit pricey

Granite Gold’s Daily Cleaner

best product for marble cleaning

This marble floor cleaning product is made by Granite Gold, who has 50 years of involvement with the stone establishment and rebuilding business. Since 2003, they have been assembling stone consolidation products, doing it without anyone’s help. 

This product was picked to be tried as a result of its fame and positive surveys on Amazon. It is a streak-free method that securely profound cleans and rapidly evacuates a wide range of spills and soils, and leaves behind a fresh citrus aroma.

Where to utilize: Granite, marble, travertine, limestone, record, and tile. Additionally, alright for use on quartz surfaces, for example, Silestone®, LG, and that’s just the beginning.

  • Works on quartz, porcelain, and tile as well
  • Never leaves behind unsightly streaks or smudges
  • Non-toxic and non-acidic
  • It leaves streaks and smudges

Simple Green Stone Cleaner

what cleaning products are safe to use on marble?

The Simple Green Marble Cleaner is prepared by Simple Green Store, one of the most significant marble restitution services on the planet. It is at present the biggest supplier of marble floor cleaning service in the world. 

This product was picked to be tried in light of the organization’s broad involvement with the marble care industry, and the making of this product to give marble rebuilding service the entirety of the world.

Discover numerous great new & used products and get the best deals for Marble And Travertine Cleaner at the best online rate at Amazon! The Simple Green Marble Cleaner is marble cleaning product designed for daily cleaning of marble.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Made in America
  • Safe u0026 Effective
  • No Odor or Harsh Chemicals
  • 100% Stone Safe
  • The sprayer does not work sometimes
  • Useless on watermarks

Zep Clean Stone Plus

what cleaning products are safe to use on marble?

Zep Clean Stone Plus, the marble floor cleaning product, is made by Zep, a multifunctional cleaner organization that has been delivering marble cleaning products to numerous companies since 1937. 

We picked this marble cleaner product since Zep doesn’t have a particular specialization in the marble care industry, so we needed to check whether that would impact the performance of the product.

We likewise picked this item since it is a multi-functional product that professes to clean and ensure. We needed to see the exhibition of this kind of product as compared to a traditional product that is intended to sparkle.

  • Restores protective seal
  • Cleans stone in one step
  • Spotless solution for Granite / Quartz counter-tops
  • Not for use on unsealed wood

Weiman Granite Cleaner and Polish for Countertops, Marble, Quartz, Laminate, and Tile

best marble cleaner

This product is produced by Weiman, an acclaimed multifunctional cleaner organization. This might be the best answer to your question about what cleaning products are safe to use on marble.

We picked this product because Weiman makes such a mainstream multi-surface general cleaner, and we needed to test another product from a particular non-marble particular manufacturing organization. This cleaner likewise is less in price as compared to other companies’ charges.

  • Lowered price item
  • Neutral pH, non-waxy with non-abrasive formula
  • It contains no ammonia or phosphorus
  • Preserves the beauty of stone and steel countertops and floors
  • Occasional liquid leakage from the nozzle
  • Works great with granite, not so with stainless

Marble and Tile Concentrated Cleaner

best marble cleaner

This marble cleaner product is prepared by Black Diamond, who has been making marble care products for many years. Black Diamond has built up a reliable name in the marble care industry for creating quality marble care products and now delivers more than 30 marble care products

Answering our main topic What cleaning products are safe to use on marble, we picked this product since Black Diamond has the right name in the marble care industry, and this product is well known on Amazon. We additionally needed to test a concentrated cleaner to decide its performance with average marble cleaners. Moreover, since this product is concentrated, it is an increasingly reasonable solution comparative with the customary marble cleaners. This product is highly recommended for all.

  • Safe around children and pets
  • One product solution for every type of hard surface floors
  • Not works on porcelain sink too well

Black Diamond Stoneworks Ultimate Grout Cleaner

best marble floor cleaner

If the shade of your grout has recognizably changed since you fixed it, it’s an ideal opportunity to concentrate on breathing life back into it.

The Black Diamond Stoneworks Ultimate Grout Cleaner is made in light of the earth, attempting to dispense with grime from any shade of grout without fading it.

It’s safe for standard tiles like marble and is acid-free so that it won’t harm the flooring. To utilize, mostly shower and leave for over three minutes, at that point, use a brush to clean the grout lines.

It functions admirably on tiles in any room — particularly kitchens, as it cut grease oil and oil. 

As you’ve disregarded your tiles and they’re looking somewhat of more inferior quality, Black Diamond can help breathe life back into them.

  • Best Grout Cleaner For Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Highly rated by Users
  • A deep cleaner for grease, dirt and soap scum
  • Acid-Free: Safe for white and colored grout
  • Nil

StoneTech Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

how to disinfect marble countertops

Standard stone tiles like rock, marble, and limestone are more fragile than different supplies and are regularly utilized in the flooring around pools, in restrooms and in other wet places.

In case you’re struggling with form and mold development on your floors, StoneTech Mold and Mildew Stain Remover will help you to battle it without harming fragile tiles like marble.

This claim to fame cleaner expels recolors by utilizing some unusual synthetic compounds (be cautious if you have asthma), so the producer suggests utilizing gloves and a mask while using the product. Permanently shower and clean and delicate buildup and shape stains will vanish. 

Numerous customers prescribe this cleaner for washroom or common stone pathways, yet it functions admirably anyplace you have the shape to fight. In case you’re working inside, make sure to keep the room all around ventilated.

What cleaning products are safe to use on marble, Still thinking about this question? Let’s check another one!

  • Recommended surfaces include: marble, granite, limestone, slate, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and glass tile
  • Unique formula won’t degrade stone or grout
  • It is PH Balanced to prevent etching of natural stone


how to clean marble floor

Strategy Squirt and Mop Hard Floor Cleaner is a fantastic marble cleaning product for those with hypersensitivities or asthma since it gives a delicate, chemical-free cleaning without the brutal aromas.

It additionally chips away at hardwood and cover, so it’s an incredible all-around cleaner to keep loaded. This biodegradable recipe can be squirted onto a surface (no blending in with water), requires no washing, and is protected around crawling babies or pets.

It’s delicately scented with a crisp lemon ginger smell, yet customers state it’s unobtrusive enough that most don’t see it. 

Commentators include that it doesn’t desert streaks, and love its viable stain-battling power. It gives surfaces a slight sheen yet doesn’t add a waxy or dangerous feel to your floors.

  • Adds Extra shine to your product
  • May use for tile floors
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cleans very well, easy to use
  • Not recommended for use on wood

How do you clean a marble table?

A kitchen counter of dreams, Marble Tabletop, attractive and aesthetic. However, there’s a catch. Unlike other composite materials, traditional cleaning methods are not suited for it. Marble being a porous material is susceptible to smearing and etching. The most common method of protection used for it is using protective sealers that prevent staining. Marble tabletops are to be gently cleaned two or three times a week with soap or dishwashing liquids, as they are not as deleterious as more chemically strong detergents. Dust particles are rough and can cause the marble to be scratch or chip away. Therefore, a mild sweeping with a dampened cloth is suggested.

As your Kitchen Tabletop or a coffee table or coasters, it will suffer quite an abuse throughout its lifetime. Thus, simple solutions of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are recommended for healthy stain removal that will occur on the surface. About a quarter tablespoon of ammonia and diluted hydrogen peroxide in a sprayer is enough to do the job. Just a direct spray and gentle rubbing of any microfiber cloth will do wonders. The hardest to remove are the paint stains that may require a paint stripper but a more budget-friendly razorblade can also perform well in scraping it off.

The most common of mistakes done in cleaning the marble furniture is the use of acidic liquids such as Bleach or sometimes vinegar too. Marble is a very fragile surface material that these and other abrasive liquids can easily destroy. Rubbing marble surfaces with harsh cloths or steel wool will also destroy its look by making visible scrapes over the pristine shiny look of the marble. To let that beautiful furniture keep its look for long, using marble sealers once a couple of years is highly recommended.

How to clean marble fireplace?

Marble fireplaces add a touch of classical tradition and produce a mashing, eye-witting characteristic to any home, but may begin to look somewhat bland and barren in the long run when not properly cared for. Even if you would think that dust is the only true enemy of a marble chimney, this is not entirely accurate. You will definitely spot a couple of black soot marks on the marble when you look well at a fireplace, and you might even find some chipping or scratching due to intense heat. Some people worry about keeping their Marble Mantelpieces stainless but in reality, they do not have to. Cleaning a marble fireplace is not as difficult as it may seem.

The first thing that should be known to you is that marble is a quite porous material and have a tendency to absorb liquids. Therefore, the use of acidic detergents is highly discouraged, as it will cause the integrity of the material to wear out.

Clean the surface with boiled distilled water with a microfiber cloth to remove dirt particles over the surface, and then use some non-abrasive cleaning liquid to polish the marble. Citrus cleaners, bleach, and vinegar are a household cleaning specialty when it comes to removing stains of countless types but these are the things to avoid when dealing with marble as they have high levels of acidity and can ruin the marble’s finish.

The cleaning of a marble fireplace is actually quite simple – it’s just a job with a terrible reputation but it is not as difficult when you get into it.

Can you use alcohol on marble?

Unlike other engineered stones and composite flooring, materials such as Essastone or Caesarstone made mixtures and bound with adhesives and resins, marble is a naturally occurring material. It is mined, polished, and crafted into furniture. Now, being a natural substance, it is affected by the pH it is exposed to. Special care and considerations are to be taken in order to clean it and maintain its beautiful finish. Alcohol is a pH balanced cleaner therefore it can be used to wash of stains on marble surfaces. A simple homemade alcohol solution is quite a good remedy.

Make a water/alcohol solution with 50% of each and use a sprayer bottle for application. Wet the cloth with warm water and rub it over the surface to make stains loose and collect all the dust from over the surface. Spray the stained area and leave it for 4 to 5 minutes. Then use a clean fine cloth for wiping and drying it off. Be careful in removing all the water from the surface. The solution will positively remove almost all the stains.

Thoroughly remove all the alcohol from the surface and use coasters and plates especially if you are using the table for acidic food/drink items.

How to clean marble floor with baking soda?

Baking soda solutions are one of the widely most accepted homemade cleaning solutions used for stain removal from a number of surfaces. When it comes to marble, you can use it, but to use it safely you have to follow the appropriate procedures. Calcium Carbonate is the main constituent of marble therefore; it’s not as strong but is susceptible to etching or scratching. Alkaline solutions can damage the marble surface, so, baking soda is to be used with caution. On the other hand, with proper care baking soda solutions are more budget-friendly and easy methods.

What you need are the soda powder, warm water, and a soft cloth; microfiber cloth is best for this purpose. Pour a spoonful of soda over the stained surface then use a cloth, dampened in water, to rinse the surface. Do not leave it for long and use enough water to dissolve the powder. Rub it dry then use a plain wet cloth to remove any residue. It will wash off most of the stains and yellowish coloring that may appear on the surface.

This method is highly effective with many benefits, such as
• It is cost-effective
• Works as a sanitizer too
• Effective stain eliminator
• Lesser chances of marble being etched or scratched than with more harsh chemicals
• No harsh chemicals

Is bleach safe for marble?

In simplest words, NO! Bleach is a corrosive material with highly alkaline properties whereas marble is a delicate smooth rock prone to damage with spills of high pH values. Bleach may be an excellent cleaning choice for many but on marble, it is the last thing you should choose. People misunderstand bleach in many ways. Firstly, it is a disinfectant and not a cleaning product. It can remove germs and infectious microorganisms with 100% efficiency and clean stains, but on the other hand, it cannot be used to clean dirt and residue.

By using spray sealant at least once a year, you can provide a little protection against stains and grain. However, you still need to clean spills immediately to prevent damage. The screening agent allows you more time to mop before the stain begins. By using bleach, marble’s finish will be destroyed as it will corrode away the layers and cause etches and scratches. It will cause dull spots on the table surface.

Calcium Carbonate, the main ingredient of marble, reacts to acidic and alkaline substances like bleach and vinegar. The reaction is super-fast and corrosively kills the polished coating on the surface eats away the marble. You cannot simply clean it off, as there is nothing upon the surface. Marble itself is being burned up. There is no other way to repair it afterward other than to get it restored back to its polished finish.

To keep marble surfaces clean, shiny and beautiful it is recommended to keep all kinds of high pH chemicals away and to clean up liquid spills as soon as possible.

How to clean stains on marble?

Marble, being one of the most exquisite and lasting building materials ever, is also the one that is not so resistant to damage. It has a natural property of liquid absorption due to its porous inner surface. Marble can stain quickly, but owners should not be as concerned because most of the time staining is a non-permanent chemical process that can be reversed quite effortlessly.

The most common of the stains that people may come across are
• Coffee stains
• Juice/Water stains
• Food stains
• Stains from cosmetics
• Blights or molds

Kitchen tabletops or dining tables would often be stained due to all those meals and spills that they cause. Without coasters, wet glasses or cups left on them will stain them. Marble dressing tables will suffer the same but because of all that cosmetics material that it’s being exposed to. Bathroom areas are usually wet and marbles installed there will have molds grow on them if left unchecked. All these issues may seem quite disturbing to get rid of but it is relatively easy to keep marble-ware.

Food stains are the simplest to clean. Sprayed with water/alcohol solution and rinsed and dried with a soft cloth will take away all the dust, marks, and worries. Cosmetic stains are oily in general and may require some time to remove but it is not so hard too. Just mix baking soda with acetone or ethanol and apply the solution over those stains. Wash with water after 4 to 5 minutes and the oil stuck to the surface will be rinsed away. You can repeat the process for better results.

As far as mold stains go, they can be a little grinding process but it will prove to be effective. These stains require bleach solutions and as bleach is a heavy alkaline product, carefully measured mixture will be required. Make a solution with 90% water and 10% bleach and spray it over the surface. For better results, leave it sitting for about 15 minutes. Rinse it with water and use marble sealer once the surface is dried.

These are a few types of stains but this method can be used for a number of other types of issues. In order to keep your marble furniture just as beautiful as new, you just have to care for it a little and it will last.

How To Clean Marble Naturally

Not many householders realize how to clean marble naturally, and how to keep it secure from harm, so they end up hiring costly experts to manage setbacks. That is a disgrace, as well, since marble is a dazzling structure material that can improve your home’s value only if you take care of it appropriately. Before we talk about the natural way of marble floor cleaning, let’s first look at the various designs of marble countertops and tiles widely used in the home. You must pick the correct method to clean it and get rid of stains based on what you have.


Marble surfaces utilized in home development are either glossy or satin. The glossy kind is known as elegant marble, a completing procedure intended to give you an idea about the shading and variegation in the stone. This smooth, sparkling look is practiced precisely at the industrial facility sometime before installation. Elegant marble looks swanky, which is one reason it’s so prevalent in spas and restaurants as well as construction.


There are many different ways you can save your marble from stains or any damage: 

  • Don’t let water or other liquids stay on marble floors.
  • Use a chopping board to prepare meals.
  • To protect countertop scratches, attach felt pads to the base of home appliances.
  • Switch ceramic or glass metal canisters to protect against rust.
  • Use doormats at passages to decrease abrasive dirt on marble floors. 
  • Using towels under glasses and candles on tables or shelves in marble.


Promptly cleaning spills is an ideal approach to ensure your marble floors. Avoid business “universally handy” cleaners and even natively constructed cleaning blends that use vinegar or lemon juice as it can damage your marble’s floors.

Fast attention is sufficient with cleaner, water, and a microfiber fabric. Cleaner and water are the ideal approaches for marble floor cleaning and tiles as well. 


Buff cleaned marble from a chamois fabric to a stunning sparkle. To give a deep shine to sharpened marble, grind a white chalk case into a fine powder and spray it over the spotless, dry marble, then buff it with the chamois in circles. To remove all residues, wiping the chalk powder away with a delicate, clammy fabric and clean it again with a dry cloth to draw the sparkle.

Yes, for everything, you have sealed your marble countertops and tiles all the time, even with constant care. Sealing is neither challenging nor stressful: In a typical kitchen, the counters take 30 minutes to clean, and the vanity of a washroom takes even less. Because of the insurance policy that repairs provide the marble countertops and tiles, the time is well invested and has to be done twice a year.

Before moving to our main topic What cleaning products are safe to use on marble, first, let’s discuss Do’s and Don’ts for marble cleaning.


Marble cleaning dos and donts

Marble floors require some additional security from outside variables like water, wetness, and dirt; that is the reason we require all the more fixing. Your bundle of sealant from the nearby shop consistently accompanies a guidance booklet. Apply the sealant on the marble worktop as following to the directions accurately. It isn’t at all challenging or stressful.


In contrast to stone or quartz, marble is a delicate stone against acidic substances, for example, natural product juice, pop, wine, or espresso. It happens on account of its porous structure. That is the reason it is the best suggestion to clean any spills on the marble right away. As you don’t do that, it will prompt a lasting stain on your marble worktop that will destroy the general appearance.



Using a sponge or delicate cloth to marble floor cleaning worktops regularly mix warm water in with some best marble floor cleaning product and spray the mixture on marbles. It will eliminate the dust and stains from the floor once you dry and flush the zone thoroughly, that additionally, without any damage.


  • Do Not Seal Tthe Marble Regularly

Try not to seal the marble much of the time. A few marbles don’t require sealing daily. Be careful about your marble type before doing whatever else. The sorts which require sealing likewise needn’t bother with it that habitually since that marble can’t soak up, it is in the final sum. It will just wind up making an unpleasant look like the thick coat on the floor.

  • Do Not Use Anti-Scaling Cleaning Agents For Marble Floor Cleaning 

Marble is a delicate material; it will be extremely incautious of you to utilize anti-scaling operators to marble floor cleaning. As marble is an alternate development of limestone, it is smarter to use an alternative regular marble floor cleaning product for it. Else, this will only produce dullness and loss to the natural shape and structure of your marble worktops.

  • Don’t Leave The Marble Floor Wet

Marble is porous and thus fit for retaining water. The more you leave the marble floor wet, the more water it will retain and prompt a clingy and dull appearance. That is the reason it is good to dry the floor without anyone else’s input.

  • Do Not Sit Or Move On Marble Countertops As It Is Dangerous

The most significant thing to focus on here is the fact that marble is not as durable and adaptable as worktops with laminate or granite. No matter where you clean the marble worktops do not even sit, stand, or move toward it. Marble is dangerous, and this can cause you to slip, or you may fall off it and end up moving to the hospital because of the wounds as an emergency.

Marble is a sparkly and long-lasting stone that makes a natural look in any room. There are many shades and colors of marble. You can see a dark red marble, a pure white marble, a dark marble, or even a pink marble—the list continues endlessly. Along these lines, you could have some marble found someplace in your business space.

Marble is a profoundly porous stone, which implies that it recolors and dissolves effectively. Indeed, even one spill could cause different layers of perpetual recoloring. Besides, marble is essential—indicating that it is something contrary to acidic. Like this, if something acidic comes into contact with it, it can harm and demolish your deck. I hope these best 10 marble floor cleaning products work for you.

I hope you got the answer to this very significant question What cleaning products are safe to use on marble. We had another article where we had discussed Best Vacuum for Tile Floors That Will Not Harm Your Tiles.

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