Steam Mops On Vinyl Floors – An Ultimate Guide

steam mops on vinyl floors

The vinyl floor shines with its simplicity of installation and ease of maintenance. However, a few rules must be observed to guarantee its durability. This obviously involves choosing the right products and adopting good maintenance habits. Follow this guide to preserve your vinyl floor and effectively get rid of stains that can soil it.

What is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl is a plastic covering, just like PVC flooring. It is sold in rolls, in the form of boards or even slabs. The installation is carried out on the existing floor, provided that the latter does not present any irregularities. This requires that the flat area. Some imperfections such as holes in the parquet or slight cracks in the tiles are tolerated. The thermal and acoustic insulation qualities are remarkable. A vinyl floor is environmentally friendly and is also available in different designs. It can be plain or present imitation wood, concrete, tiles, imitation parquet prints, etc.

At the time of purchase, you must define the appropriate classification according to the space to be covered with vinyl. The quality of the product is indeed variable depending on whether it is intended for:

  • Rooms subject to moderate passages such as an adult bedroom 
  • Rooms subject to important passages such as the kitchen 
  • Rooms subject to an intensive passage such as a children’s room.

Some cleaning tools

The abrasive sponge is the enemy of vinyl because it scratches the surface. Also, avoid any solvent product which tends to damage the texture of the vinyl as well as discoloring it.

The cleaners are allowed provided well diluted. It has too high a concentration will indeed reduce the lifespan of the floor covering. Likewise, you can use the very low-frequency steam mops on vinyl floors to maintain the shine of the material.

Some problematic materials

Maintenance is not limited to cleaning because contact with certain materials is harmful to the vinyl.

  • Black rubber, for example, leaves black marks. It is therefore advisable to avoid furniture casters, carpet backing, bicycle (or even stroller) wheels on vinyl. If the soles of your shoes are rubberized, do not drag your feet too much when walking on vinyl.
  • Furniture legs can scratch the covering.
  • Excessive heat is also to be avoided. This concerns the chimney fire, cigarette ashes, or even boilers. You just need to have adequate protection of the vinyl.

Soil care  

The right mop-steam mops on vinyl floors

A simple microfiber mop is more than enough to maintain your vinyl floor. Soak it in a little soapy water, wring well and run over the floor.

Don’t overdo the soap; you just need a drop or two of dish soap. Otherwise, the dirt will leave at the same time as the color and the initial gloss of the coating. Also, you can use the steam mops on vinyl floors.

Each task has its own trick

We grant you that certain stains are stubborn. Either way never scratches the surface. Instead, use the appropriate methods, always in delicacy. Here are the tips to know for an impeccable floor:

  • Glue → peel off the dried material with the rounded side of a spoon. Dip a sponge in lukewarm water, wring and then sprinkle with baking soda. Rub the vinyl, and you will see that the stain of glue will disappear.
  • Sauce → soak a sponge in soapy water to clean the vinyl. If your efforts are unsuccessful, pour a drop of turpentine on a soft cloth and wipe it over the coating. Rinse then dry.
  • Tea, coffee, or alcoholic drink stains → soak a non-abrasive sponge in lemon juice. Pass over the stain and rinse with a sponge previously soaked in water. Use a soft cloth to dry.
  • Leather shoe polish → dipped a sponge in soapy water. Rub the stain gently. If that doesn’t work, soak a soft cloth with white spirit or turpentine. Apply on the stain. Then rinse with a sponge soaked in water and dry.
  • Paint → it is necessary to intervene before the paint dries. The first thing to do is to mop up with a paper towel. Soak a cloth in white spirit and then clean the dirt. All you have to do is rinse with a sponge soaked in water before drying with a soft cloth.
  • Ink stain → markers, inks, and pens can leave marks on the vinyl. Do not worry; it is easy to overcome it. Soak a soft cloth with 70 ° alcohol. Go over the stain without rubbing too much to clean. Rinse immediately as soon as the ink is gone.
  • The stain left by a candle → the candle wax has probably hardened. Arm yourself with a spoon and peel gently using the rounded side. If you notice as grease residue, pass over it with a sponge soaked in a water / white vinegar mixture in equal parts.
  • Oil stain → sprinkles with talc. If you don’t have one, use flour. This powdery substance will absorb the fatty deposit if you leave it on for a few minutes. Dust gently to remove talc or flour. Then pass a sponge previously impregnated with soapy water if you don’t get a result, mix water, and white vinegar in equal parts. Soak a soft cloth with this mixture and apply it to the stain.
  • Rust → uses rust inhibitors for textile products. Rinse as soon as the dirt is gone.

Vomit, blood, excrementor urine → start by putting on household gloves then open all your windows. Mop up the dirt. Put on a protective mask. Soak a soft sponge in soapy water to which you will have added a drop of ammonia. Rub gently to remove the stain, rinse with another sponge soaked in water, and dry with a cloth.

How to shine vinyl Flooring

After cleaning your floor, dip the mop in a liter of water previously mixed with two egg yolks. Run your mop on the vinyl, which will regain all its shine when dry.

If you have beeswax, rub it on your vinyl floor. The application is made using a soft cloth.You can also use colorless protective wax dedicated to plastic floors. The microfiber mop is your best ally for its application. Apply a first thin layer, leave on for half an hour, and then apply a second layer. If necessary, add a final layer after a 30-minute break.The vinyl floor is strong, durable, and economical. Remember to choose well from the range of products available and maintain the coating gently, following the advice above.

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