Can Steam Mops Be Used On Laminate Flooring?

Can steam mops be used on laminate flooring

The house is the place to rest and feel good with your family. Bacteria can quickly form, and so infections can take over. So it is important to keep the place we live clean. Among the appliances that are in the house, we find the simple vacuum cleaner or the steam mop. The steam mop is the most recommended appliance for those who want to save time. How to use the steam mop? Can steam mops be used on laminate flooring?  Of course, you are here to know the answers to these questions, we have got you covered. Let’s get into it!

How to use the steam mop:

Use the function of a normal broom.

Before proceeding with the vaporizer function, it is necessary to use it as a normal broom in order to thoroughly clean the floor and all the surfaces on which we intend to pass. This preliminary operation is of primary importance, as failure to comply with this advice can lead to the transport of dust, dirt, and bad smell throughout the house. At this point, you can proceed with fixing the microfiber cloth in the appliance, and use it as described in the following steps of this guide.

Wait until the temperature is reached.

Once the cloth has been fixed to the broom (an operation that must be carried out with the appliance turned off), the tray can be filled. In most cases, it is better to use normal tap water, but pay attention to the characteristics and type of the broom. Some specimens require only the use of distilled water, so carefully check the instructions attached. Now the steam cleaner will be ready to be turned on, but then you have to wait a few minutes to allow the correct temperature to be reached. We remind you that this waiting time varies from model to model, so don’t worry if the temperature in some cases is reached after about 10-15 minutes. At this point, you can handle the steam mop by passing on the surface you want to clean.

Perform light movements.

While using the steam mop, the movements must be light, rapid, but continuous forward and backward. It is also appropriate to insist a little more in the presence of areas that have very evident spots. Note that a steam mop can also be used to clean the carpet and even the upholstery of sofas and armchairs. That said, after using the broom and performing the desired cleaning, it will be necessary to turn it off and wait a few minutes for it to cool down. Only after this time can the water tank be emptied and the microfiber cloth removed. The latter can also be washed to make it ready for any subsequent use. Now after describing how to use the steam mop.

Never forget:

  • Never use the steam mop on surfaces such as parquet or adhesive tiles
  • Do not touch the cloth or any accessory connected to the appliance as it is extremely hot.
  • Do not use the steam mop to clean icy windows, as it may cause them to break.

How to clean carpets with a steam mop?

First, you need to vacuum. Apart from a few rare exceptions, the scrubber driers also do not have the suction function, so you just have to pass your normal vacuum cleaner. The greater the care with which you will pass it, the better the final result will be.You must be able to remove all traces of impurities that are deposited between the fibers; otherwise, with steam, you will certainly not have a good result. On the carpet, the broom works little, so it is better to use a vacuum cleaner, better if equipped with certain suction power. It works the same way as a floor; if you want to clean a carpet with a steam mop, before washing it, you have to pass the mop or vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt. Once the carpet is clean and no longer has crumbs and dust, you can already go to the steam cleaning phase.

Now, insert the mop with a microfiber cloth inside the plastic mask. Now, turned on the switch, and after only 15 seconds, the scrubber was ready to be used. It will signal to you with a light that switches from red to blue, but then each model has its own system to make you understand that it is ready to go into operation. All you have to do is pass the scrubber up and down, as you would for a normal floor to clean a carpet. You must concentrate on small areas and move on to the next area until you finish the whole carpet. In fact, the mask allows the cloth to glide well so that you can move back and forth without effort.

Never forget:

  • If the carpet is particularly valuable, we use the steam mop on a small area, to verify that it is suitable for this type of cleaning.

The most frequently asked questions about the steam mop.

Can steam mops be used on laminate flooring?

Most people think that a steam mop for laminate floors is not a good idea. They believe that it can cause the wrapping of the laminate. But it is perfectly safe to clean laminate flooring with steam mops when it is properly sealed with a varnish.

Is the marble steam mop okay?

Yes, marble is an ideal surface on which to use the steam mop. There is no danger of ruining the floor and the cloth slides easily.

Is the steam mop for terracotta good?

The steam mop can also be used on terracotta floors without running the risk of damaging the surface.

Can the windows be cleaned with a steam mop?

It is not recommended to clean the windows with the steam mop. The steam floor washers with specific accessories for window cleaning are more suitable.

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